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    The PatternShare community site brings together software patterns from different authors in one place to show relationships between existing patterns and to encourage you to contribute new ones. By combining our efforts, the patterns community can increase pattern usage and better meet the needs of developers and architects who use patterns.

    Current Pattern Authors are:

    • Martin Fowler (54 pages)
    • POSA: Buschmann, Jain, Kircher, Meunier, Rohnert, Sommerlad, Stal, and Schmidt (10 pages)
    • Community (8 pages)
    • GOF: Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides (20 pages) <br>&nbsp;Microsoft patterns &amp; practices (91 pages)
    • Eric Evans (44 pages)
    • Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf (71 pages)

    Check out

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  2. Java version of Microsoft site?[ Go to top ]

    This is an interesting initiative from Microsoft.

    They have a long way to go before they catch up with TSS

    PJ Murray
    CodeFutures Software
  3. Java version of Microsoft site?[ Go to top ]

    Too bad the site sucks BADLY. The fonts are way too small, it's impossible to navigate and there are errors everywhere. Hell is full of good intentions...
  4. look&feel[ Go to top ]

    It works fine using IE
  5. doesn't work anything[ Go to top ]

    Using firefox I am justing getting nothing presented. Every
    time I try to open a Page, which should contain usefull
    data I get this error message: "Error evaluating expression: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute."
  6. Can't register using firefox[ Go to top ]

    I just tried to register but couldn't pass thru this screen

    The "Register" button doesn't get enabled at all in Firefox !!!

  7. Ever try ctrl-"mouse-scroll"[ Go to top ]

    Ever try ctrl-"mouse scroll" when you can't read the text?
  8. Java version of Microsoft site?[ Go to top ]

    In Firefox, try using Ctrl+ a couple of times.
  9. Java version of Microsoft site?[ Go to top ]

    Too bad the site sucks BADLY. The fonts are way too small, it's impossible to navigate and there are errors everywhere. Hell is full of good intentions...

    Only FireFox users have problems (I tested with both IE and FireFox)

    Not the site's problem that FireFox sucks.
  10. Firefox Problem?[ Go to top ]

    Is it possible that the problem is with the Java script:
    function AgreeToTermsOfUseCheckBoxCheckedChanged()
    if( document.LogonForm.agreeToTermsOfUseCheckBox.checked )
    document.LogonForm.all.item("signupButton").disabled = false;
    document.LogonForm.all.item("signupButton").disabled = true;

    The comment was started but the end comment has been commented.
  11. Java version of Microsoft site?[ Go to top ]

    If they mark the page with a particular doctype which is HTML 4.0 Transitional, it better be conforming to HTML 4.0 Transitional. And MSIE is known to chew on unconforming junk.

    The "Browse by" options are hilarious: By Table, By TableRows and By TableColumns. On my next website I will have a table in 8-dimensional space and the titles will read: By Dimension 1, By Dimension 2, ..., By Dimension 8. Kewl.

    P.S. I use Firefox 1.0 for Windows (Release), works fine.
  12. Java version of Microsoft site?[ Go to top ]

    Now I like TSS and read your articles & discussions regularly, but when I look at the one set up by MS and compare it to TSS' I would say I like PatternShare better.

    True they seem to have some bugs as pointed out by other posters, but I imagine those will be fixed sooner than later - in the meantime I see a site that has at least some organization - for example listing patterns by author. When you click on a pattern, you see good categorization (Role, Aspect, Summary, Context/Problem, Solution, Related Patterns) that's actually linked up to other patterns as well as relevant diagrams.

    Now let's turn to TSS. Click on the patterns image link at the top of the page, and you get a list of the latest posted patterns with brief descriptions. When you click on a 'pattern' you see what amounts to a forum on the said topic - no organization to speak of. If the poster wanted to organize his/her pattern - great, otherwise the description is a jumbled mess. In some cases, the 'pattern' is just a question that the poster happened to ask in the patterns section of tss (instead of navigating to discussions).

    Although both repositories leave certain things to be desired (examples: intuitive navigation, an ability to 'vote' for patterns, i could think of more...) I would say that, assuming they fix their site's bugs, PatternShare seems like a more usable web-based patterns repository than then ones I have seen up till now (including TSS)

    my 3 cents
  13. Just by reading the postings here

    Pattern 1
    Name: Tree

    AKA: Categorization, Group, Mom's Begging

    1. Come up with some way to separate your stuff from one to another
    2. Come up with names for each of the group divided
    3. Create some container (please see the Container pattern)
    4. Move your stuff one by one to the RIGHT container.
    5. For each container, go to ste (1)

    Who should use it:
    TSS, lazy people

    Pattern 2
    Name: Fast Coder

    AKA: Untested Software, Incompatible DHTML

    1. Drink beer
    2. Write codes
    3. Drink beer
    4. Write codes
    5. Don't test your codes
    6. Make sure not to test on browsrs other than IE 6
    7. Upload to website
    8. Ask M$ to giv you money because it breaks in Firefox

    Who should use it:
    PatternShare, lazy people, poor people who are waiting for Microsoft money
  14. Microsoft specific idioms[ Go to top ]

    This is a great looking site.
    The main thing that puts me off is fear of microsoft marketing - in the "Enterprise Architectural Space Organizing Table",
    there is a development patterns section (i.e. language idioms).

    These contain only M$ idioms - ASP and Biztalk.

    Maybe someone should try to submit a well known and recognized java idiom, and see if it gets accepted.

    Famous java idiom, anyone?
  15. It doesn't work with IE also.[ Go to top ]

    I clicked on Browse "By Table" and got the folloing response.

    Error evaluating expression: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.
  16. PatternShare Community Launched[ Go to top ]

    I've often thought that lack of understanding of the basic distinction between the Domain Model pattern
    and the Transaction Script pattern
    is the source of unending confusion and unnecessary controversy.

    Having these visible and more broadly understood has got to be an improvement.

    Robert Benson
  17. I agree, but...[ Go to top ]

    These have been visible for a long time. If you want to get a good understanding of these patterns then buy Fowler's book. I think, particularly for new developers it is more helpful to read these from their source.

    My 2 cents: By GofF, Fowler's Enterprise Architecture, etc. and find yourself a good architect to mentor you. Too often do I hear conflicting interpretations on patterns quoted from different sites.

    I think sites like this are soooo dangerous particularly for novice developers who get what I like to call pattern-envy... sigh. Nuff said.
  18. No Real Value[ Go to top ]

    Search: Visitor.
    Not Found. Whatever.

    Search: Decorator.
    Found: Decorator, Publication: DesignPatterns, page 175.

    The page shows the small cover of the known GOF book. Even Amazon shows more. Anyway, I have a CD companion from one of the early editions of this book, which contains the whole book in the HTML format, and in a really well-thought one. Every GOF pattern with cases, pictures, etc. Why would I need this crippled site? Even if one would update the page, is he going to use words and schemes different enough from what GOF used in their copyrighted book?
  19. No Real Value[ Go to top ]

    Ok, so first off I just want to state that I have nothing to do with the PaternShare website - in fact I in general don't have all that much to do with the patterns community other than browsing here and there.

    The only reason I cared enough to post to this discussion is that I am absolutely sick of seeing this 'pattern' (pun very much intended):

    Step 1. Someone posts an article that has something to do with a Microsoft product (or for that matter anything radically different from what the 'hordes' are used to seeing - unless ofcourse it's Open Source)

    Step 2. (Branch):
     - 2a. Half the hordes launch into an in depth discussion
           about scattered bugs here and there. The key here
           isn't so much that the bugs aren't important;
           rather that the bugs in-question are of the
           soon-to-be-fixed variety. The discussion
           here happens to be center on
           how some little things don't render in Firefox and
           on how some of the links were temporarily broken (
           now working by the way).

     - 2b. The other half jumps into discrediting the product
           as a WHOLE because they happen to find a FEW areas
           that truly DO need more extensive work.
           Sort of like dismissing the good 90% by
           focusing on the bad 10%.

    What's wrong with this community? Does everything have to
    revolve around java, sun, tss, java, java, ibm, sun, jboss, open source, java, j2ee, ibm, java, tss, j2ee. The first post to this discussion forum goes off on how they (PatternShare) have alot of catching up to do in order to get to attain the 'level' of TSS' patterns repository. People, the patterns repository here (TSS) sucks. It isn't navigatable and doesn't begin to have any categorization of the pattens contained within. Futhermore, a good third of the patterns are utter giberish. If you don't believe me, go ahead and perouse - the last 'pattern' I read was a question poster by a beginner on how to tell the difference between a pattern and a framework !? There is no filtering mechanism to speak of.. (I should quickly add that TSS has an excellent news and discussions section, great search, and mostly-useful reviews & articles sections.) TSS isn't alone - the pattern repositories that it links to: IBM's patterns repository, Portland pattern repository, several of Sun's repositories (including the infamous J2EE Blueprints.. a seperate rant in-and-of-itself..) also have rather poor and/or unnecessarily complex navigation. If you want to say I'm stupid and can't figure them out - fine, but take a good honest look before judging.

    Two constructive comments:

    As far as firefox - Obviously PatternShare is new and
    not polished yet - so they haven't worked out all
    their kinks.. Slashdot, from what I understand,
    doesn't always render correctly in firefox either.. go figure. My main point is that I hightly doubt that the
    same people posting to TSS with joy and glee
    about each browser bug have taken the same trouble to
    register on said website and post the same comments as
    suggestions for improvement.

    Secondly, as far as content -
    Michael, I agree that the categories for "Browse By:" Table, TableRows, TableColumns - are VERY cryptic. What you left out was that they also let you view patterns grouped by "Author" - something that can't possibly be useful right? Furthermore, these admitedly cryptic categories let you group patterns based on overall categorization (pretty picture diagram), Architecture Type and Usage Space (in addition to Author).

    As it happens to be, the GOF section of PatternShare SAYS "Note: So far, this list only includes stubs of all the patterns that are used to fill out the EnterpriseArchitecturalSpace and DesignPatternSpace tables. The authors are working on filling out the collection here on PatternShare." Personally, I've found Matrin Fowler's section to be pretty complete, with nice diagrams, etc..

    As I said, I have nothing to do with the site - what I just wrote is based on spending ten minutes clicking around - althought it seems to me that's nine and a half more minutes than most of the other posters here collectively spent...

    Michael, from your posts it sounds like you've had some good experiences with other resources on the Web (other than the GOF book itself) for patterns. Would you be so kind as to share some links? I'd love to bookmark some patterns sites - especialy some that have these features (in order of priority)
    a)good categorization - by author (very important), pattern type, usage space, problem type, etc
    b) great navigation
    c) some sort of content filtering system (garbage posted doesn't stay there for too long, authors have to be approved before you they can start posting actual patterns, etc)
    d)offers patterns developed after the GOF book came out, especially those catering to the web-application space
    e)doesn't offer patterns based around a specific company's 'best practices' (ibm, sun, etc) - nothing wrong with company best practices, by the way, I just prefer things presented in a more generic fashion.(And don't tell me that PatternShare is all about M$oft - IT HAS FOWLER'S PATTERNS FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!)
    c) offers pretty pictures, diagrams, links to authors, links to related patterns, sample code, etc

    The point here is that I only spent 15-20 minutes on the site, I saw some nice things and good categorization, put it in my bookmarks and decided that I'll come back to it in a few months when the patterns are more filled in and the site is more polished. The majority of the posters, on the other hand, have decided to collectively trash it. I doubt that this forum discussion will begin to address the reason behind this - but I said what I needed to say, and I guess that's that. Go ahead and flame me...
  20. Flame be it[ Go to top ]

    Also As it happens to be, the GOF section of PatternShare SAYS "Note: So far, this list only includes stubs of all the patterns that are used to fill out the EnterpriseArchitecturalSpace and DesignPatternSpace tables. The authors are working on filling out the collection here on PatternShare." Personally, I've found Matrin Fowler's section to be pretty complete, with nice diagrams, etc..
    I think that idea of having ALL possible patterns in one place is great. Not arguing with that. But:
    1) Some patterns are out there for free. Martin Fowler's are ok, though not as fully described as GOF's. MSDN contains quite a few of good patterns with diagrams and use cases. There is no point to increase the entropy, the simple link is sufficient;
    2) Some other patterns are copyrighted (at least the certain description of the pattern which comprises a book), so they cannot be posted online. Will someone rewrite them? Will this rewrite be any good? Will everyone recognize the old pattern in new rewrite?

    So, the content of this site will be populated with "new" reinvented patterns or with some simple approaches that people call patterns. We already have it here on TSS.

    TSS needs is to have better categorization and search of patterns, and to provide links to the best pattern desicriptions on the net. After all, internet is about hypertext and linking, not about putting [other's] content at one location.
  21. The site has some good information, but too difficult to read for FireFox users. I would suggest the creators of this site to follow some "STANDARS" when developing a public community site. Even Microsoft and Microsoft-Supported site look good in FireFox.
  22. Non-MS alternative[ Go to top ]

    is at C2 Wiki. It also has much more content and a real community, as it is quite older than PatternShare.
  23. Gateway pattern ???[ Go to top ]

    I flipped through a few standard patterns on this page. Wanted to see what is new in many of the patterns I havent heard of. The first one I saw was "Gateway" pattern of M$. How is this different from an interface pattern ? ie isnt this just abstraction...or basically what API's do ? Why is this even a pattern if anybody who does OOP will end up doing this ? Is this finally a rename of existing patterns or normal OO principles ?

    -- pady
  24. Website is Buggy[ Go to top ]

    Whatever link i click it always opens the first page with only the title changed.