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    Hi -

    We are considering a number of options for how to load balance our apps. We are deploying a Java app on Windows 2003 servers.

    Our application design is such that we would like to support SSL sticky sessions (i.e., server affinity -- we do not plan to replicate state).

    We see that there are a number of options out there: Tomcat load balancing, Windows NLB, and then of course the H/W route. We don't believe the # of requests we're anticipating necessitate the H/W route just yet (although we'd appreciate the reliability).

    So, right now we're looking at S/W based solutions. Does anyone have input on:

    * Whether Tomcat supports sticky SSL sessions (they definitely support load balancing non-SSL sticky sessions, but SSL session support is unclear)

    * How Windows NLB compares to Tomcat's solution. which is more generally reliable?

    Any other comments are more than appreciated.


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    Just to clarify:

    There are actually a couple of Tomcat-related S/W options, as pointed out on the Tomcat LB web page:

    -- An Apache/Tomcat hybrid solution, with Apache doing the LB to Tomcat servers

    -- An all-Tomcat approach that uses the "balancer" webapp shipped with Tomcat.

    Any feedback on either approach is appreciated.