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    I'm on a project where in I have a all the business logic and the tranasactions in the stored procs and we have COM components that call the stored procedures and scripts(ASP) to call COM components.
    We are planning to do the same using J2EE...I'm looking for inputs regarding the design of this.
    Where to call Stored procedures from....etc...
    Thanks in advance...
    suzi su

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    You can call the stored procedure from any java program: eg EJB, Servlet, applet: Using JDBC.

    JDBC support CallableStatement.prepareCall() to register a stored procedure, register in,Out parameter. . . .

    Hope this will hepl
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    thanks a lot for ur resposne...
    u suggest i should call stored procs from session beans and use JSP in place of scripts????
    OR use entity beans instaeda of stored procs???
    Any help is very much appreaciiated...