Vantage Analyzer (formerly known as DevStream JView) is a J2EE performance profiling tool built for use in production environments. The sophistication of J2EE application environments makes it challenging to provide consistent and acceptable performance. The Vantage Analyzer provides a means for operations teams to quickly eliminate production performance problems by collecting performance information on all of the application level activity in a J2EE environment without impacting applications. Vantage Analyzer provides several easy-to-use views that allow operations staff to zero in on problems without requiring a high level of J2EE expertise. Analyzer’s analysis capabilities simplify the identification of specific problems that are usually very hard to isolate, such as memory leaks, CPU intensive programs and long running SQL statements. Identifying these problems provides immediate opportunities for J2EE scalability, availability and performance improvements.

A point worth noting: Vantage Analyzer is very easy to install and use. One reason is that there is no need to understand the application code before turning on Vantage Analyzer; you just start it up and it does the work.

Vantage Analyzer 2.3 has these important new features:

* Transaction Explorer - Workload Level Analysis. Vantage Analyzer provides a view called the Transaction Explorer that shows the cumulative activity for a J2EE environment. This view makes it easy to identify where the problems are, i.e. which J2EE units of work (a Servlet, a JSP or a high level EJB method) are having performance problems.

* Transaction Scope - Transaction Level Analysis. Vantage Analyzer provides deep-dive transaction level execution traces for any J2EE methods where performance problems are identified. The trace analysis view, called the Transaction Scope, breaks down the call path of a method to make it obvious which methods (internal or sub method calls) are taking the most time. One very advanced feature is the ability to determine whether a slow sub method is CPU intensive or if it is waiting on backend applications processing.

* Hotspot Analysis - Finding deep down problems. Because it analyzes all application method calls, Vantage Analyzer provides a way to identify problems in methods that are deep in application code. New to version 2.3 is the ability to find out where a particular method is called so you can determine what high level methods will be affected if a problem is fixed.
- CPU Hotspot views allow you to immediately identify which application code is consuming large amounts of application server CPU resources. These methods will be candidates for tuning if an application is suffering from scalability problems.
- SQL Hotspot views zero in on slow SQL calls. This view also provides the number of invocations of a SQL call, which is important for determining which SQL statements provide the biggest performance benefits if they are tuned.
- Method Hotspot views identify slow method calls and provide invocation metrics to identify the best candidates for tuning.

* Memory Leak Analysis - Finding deep down problems. Vantage Analyzer traces memory usage of a J2EE application and finds places where programs are creating but not releasing objects. Using this trace, a view is provided that identifies exactly where memory problems are ocurring.

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