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    Enhydra Director is a collection of open source web-server plugins to provide loadbalancing, clustering and unified connection methods for different web-servers on different plattforms to the Enhydra application server.
    The new release has many improvements and features. Director 6.2-2 now also supports native Tomcat 5.0 / 5.5 with new Tomcat connectors and connections to Jetty. This way Director can also be used with JOnAS and other J2EE containers using Tomcat 5.0/5.5 or Jetty in addition to Enhydra 6.2.
    Enhydra Director is an Open-source project under LGPL licence.
    Director home page: http://director.objectweb.org/
    Enhydra Development Team

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    Congrats to Enhydra Team! I can't wait to have the latest Enhydra Enterprise 6.2.x which will be the best Enhydra product! Hope to have everything included within EE 6.2.x.

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    Of course it will be also included in Enhydra Enterprise 6.2 ! Just have to resolve some issues with Enhydra Enterprise setup to automatically download JOnAS during install (or searching for it on the local disk / current directory). This is necessary to keep the J2EE license / logo / certification.


    Alfred Madl
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    Nice to hear this Alfred! It will make the installation of enterprise class applications which are based on Enhydra a lot more easier :-) Just point and click install to have everything (load balancer, J2EE app server)...

    Will Apache 2.0 included in the install as well? Or at least to check whether it is already installed?