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News: Aspect-Oriented Software Development Conference Q&A

  1. AOSD is a technical conference that brings together the developers of the leading AOP tools, users of those tools, and researchers in future aspect technologies. It takes place March 14-18, in Chicago. AOP guru's Brian Barry and Gregor Kiczales have done a Q&A about the event.

    Checkout AOSD.

    TheServerSide has also teamed up with AOSD to provide an Industry Track featuring real world, industry uses of AOP.

    Q&A with Brian Barry and Gregor Kiczales:

    Q: What is the Aspect-Oriented Software Development Conference?

    A: AOSD is a technical conference that brings together the developers of the leading AOP tools, users of those tools, and researchers in future aspect technologies. The conference this year is in a great location, downtown Chicago, from Mar. 14-18.

    Q: What's AOSD like?

    A: It is a technically intense and stimulating conference, but still small enough to be informal and friendly. It brings together all the thought leaders in the aspect-oriented space, where they can talk, debate and work together for a few days. The topics range from hard technical problems (like fast run-time weaving), to important adoption and proto-standardization issues (like aspect-libraries and class file formats) to business issues (like the strategic value of aspects).

    At last year's conference, I remember seeing Jonas Boner, Bill Burke and Adrian Colyer sitting at a table outside the main lecture hall, working out some differences in how pointcuts work in AspectWerkz, JBoss and AspectJ. As they were working, users of those systems, and researchers working on newer ideas all were walking by, and joining in for part of the conversation. That kind of energy and open interaction is the hallmark of the AOSD conference.

    Q: What are some of the highlights of this year's program?

    A: The developers of all the big commercial AOP tools will be speaking and participating in a panel: Adrian Colyer and Jonas Boner will be talking about the new AspectJ 5. Rod Johnson will be talking about AOP in Spring. Bill Burke of JBoss will speak about Implementing Middleware Using AOP. Sam Pullara who wrote the Weblogic aspect system will speak about VM level AOP. Olaf Spinczyk, the creator of Aspect C++ will be talking about AOP with C++.

    There will also be keynotes from Object pioneers Grady Booch and David Thomas, and a variety of tutorials. There will be exhibitions that allow attendees to talk to and see informal demos by leading AOP tools, authors, and consultants.

    AOSD always has a great BOF program. One BOF on aspect libraries is already planning to meet through the weekend after the conference!

    Q: Will the conference be good for people just beginning to learn about aspects?

    A: Yes, definitely. The conference has material for both experts and beginners.

    Many of the talks and tutorials are focused on developers and technical managers who are just beginning to look at AOP. For those people, spending a few days in Chicago will be a great way to get a lot of information about aspects in a quick and cost-effective way – what others are doing with aspects, where the technology is going, what is the business value of the technology, what is the tool landscape and so on. The intimate nature of the conference means you will be able to talk directly with all the key leaders about your questions and your companies specific needs.

    Q: What are some of the sessions that will be of most interest to beginners?

    Gregor Kiczales and Adrian Colyer will talk about Adopting AOP. Mik Kersten and Julie Waterhouse are giving a full day hands on introduction to AspectJ, Ron Bodkin and Nicholas Lesiecki are giving a tutorial on Enterprise AO. Ramnivas Laddad is giving a tutorial on Aspect Refactoring. There will also be tutorials on JBoss AOP and AspectC++.

    Ramnivas will also be presenting on AOP and Metadata, Nicholas on Hibernate Integration, and Ron on Application Security Aspects. Jim Clark of Oracle TopLink will be presenting on Object Persistence Aspects.

    Q: Can you give some history about the AOSD conference?

    A: The conference started in 2002, with the goal of giving aspect researchers, developers and technical managers a single forum where they could come together, and talk about the leading edge of the field. Prior to that, the AOSD community had divided its time amongst a number of OO conferences. As aspects have begun to take off, the conference is growing in scope, more material is being added to give those new to aspects a place to come, learn about the technology, and also participate in discussions with the experts.

    Q: What are the best reasons to come?

    A: For anyone who wants comprehensive information of the state of aspects, or who wants to be on the leading edge of working with AOP, this conference should be at the top of their list. The key leaders of the field will all be there. It's a small informal setting where you will definitely get a chance to talk with them.

    It's also well-located in downtown Chicago, which will be a fun place to spend a few days!

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