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    How do you use the PageLink's anchor parameter to redirect to an anchor within the same page?

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    There is no need to use a component here if the anchor name is static.
    You can just use an HTML link to the name of the anchor, e.g.,

    <a href="#anchorName">link</a>

    Remember, simple things are still simple with Tapestry!

    If you need the anchor name to be dynamic, you could use the @Any component, e.g.,

    <a jwcid="@Any" href="ognl:expressionToGetName">link</a>

    I expect you could use the PageLink component and pass in the current page name, but don't you think this is more complex?

    <a jwcid="@PageLink" page="pageName" anchor="anchorName">link</a>

    (I haven't tested this)

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    I did try the regular html way, as you posted, however no matter what I tried it does not seem to link to the anchor section even though the correct url does display in the address bar?
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    I just realized what I had forgotten; I put my "a name" tags outside of the tr elements instead of within them. Thanks for the help