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EJB design: Stateless session bean and hibernate

  1. Stateless session bean and hibernate (2 messages)

    I need to use hibernate as a Data access layer which will be accessed from Stateless session beans deployed in Weblogic portal server.
    Now my question is how do i achieve this? The Hibernate will not be used to get the data but persistance is also expected out of it.
    All pointers regarding this are welcome.
    Thanks in advance,
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    I am facing the same scenario, how do we move the hibernate persistence from application layer to business tier.
    I am using model javabeans and hbm.xml for creating persistence layer and since I have to introduce session beans, do I have to move the persistence layer to EJB container.
  3. I want to use hibernate as dataaccess layer and session bean as buisness logic. How i will integrate both. Any pointers will be of great help