JAM 2.1 build framework released


News: JAM 2.1 build framework released

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    JAM an Ant toolkit for developing and testing Java/J2EE apps that allows developers to create robust, test-driven build environments with just a few lines of Ant script. Builds are simplified with a standard set of commands that you customize for your project. The Maven-to-Ant bridge manages classpaths, dependencies, versioning and resource downloads automatically. JAM modules support JBoss, Tomcat 5, Resin, Oracle OC4J, JUnit, Cactus, XDoclet, CVS, Axis, Castor, JMX EJBs and Hibernate. JAM is published under the Apache 2.0 license.

    Checkout the JAM2.1 User’s Guide: http://javagen.com/jam/.

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  2. Really cool[ Go to top ]

    I've used JAM in my project and I must say that this is a really cool framework for builds.

    The Maven-Ant bridge has the advantage of providing both the good points of Maven and of Ant in your builds. The maven central repository is a very neat feature which helps to manage the different artifacts generated and needed in a project.

    Used along with CruiseControl it fits well in the continous integration process.

    So many goodies for something that comes free.Keep it up guys!