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    Lucene in Action is must read for anyone who wants to learn about Lucene or is even considering embedding search into their applications or just wants to learn about information retrieval in general, according to Joaquin Delgado who reviewed the book for TSS.

    Read the rest of Joaquin Delgado's Lucene in Action review.

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  2. Great book[ Go to top ]

    It certainly is a top book, and there is even a chapter on TSS's search ;)

  3. Great Book[ Go to top ]

    This is a great tech book. It works both as a page turner and a reference. After being somewhat dissatisfied with the writing quality and clarity in the last three or four tech books I had picked up, it was a pleasure to read through Lucene in Action.

    That said, I would echo the reviewer's concern about the use of junit test cases as the code examplws in the book. It's great to preach the importance of TDD, but the code examples were made less clear by the fact that they were part of test cases rather than as stand alone code snippets.
  4. Lucene in Action is an absolutely wonderful book and Lucene itself is, by far, one of the greatest open-source Java code, ever. It was a true pleasure to get acquainted with Lucene, using this book and Lucene has been working amazingly fast and well, so far, in our project.

    All I can say is - kudos!

    Highly recommended.
  5. TDD defended[ Go to top ]

    Otis and I, along with the publisher, debated the merits of using TDD as most of our examples. This approach is not shown in many books, yet it is how I code. I still believe we made the right decision 1) It's how we really code and I want the book to be authentic in that respect, not contrived. 2) TDD is an approach that needs to be espoused even more than it already is - and it is my responsibility as an educator to teach things on which I have conviction.

    I'm pretty confident that the majority of the TDD examples are clear as they are. There are probably a few that are showing a tricky facet that may not be quite clear. In those trickier cases, it would take vastly more code to contrive a System.out.println way to make the point I believe. I welcome specific examples of where our JUnit tests are not clear enough.

    I'm quite proud that the main "negative" to Lucene in Action is that we wrote tests! :)

    Oh, and please visit our site to see Lucene really in action on book and blog content. Search *inside* the book!