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    Hani Suleiman of the infamous BileBlog has taken aim at TheServerSide today and published the "ultimate" summary of a discussion thread on TheServerSide, featuring scathing impersonations of our most active members. Like the best of comedians, rather than make stuff up, Hani often exaggerates the truth in ways others wouldn't dare.

    Read TSS Ultimate Summary on the BileBlog.

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  2. Funny stuff[ Go to top ]

    When I read it, all I could think was that this was one of his best biles. I read TSS, mostly in stealth mode (no comments).

    Hani has a very cruel sense of humor. He is funny, but cruel.
  3. Ha Ha Ha[ Go to top ]

    This is too much funny :)
  4. Server-side slow today.....[ Go to top ]

    But it's ok, it's all mirrored over at the bile blog..... ;)
  5. I am in![ Go to top ]

    Now I don't have to go around any longer envious over those that have been insulted by Hani!
  6. #$%$'in Funny!

    I think everybody has made it to his blog at one time or another.

    The craptastic Mavrin Project:

    "Oh, and Maven is still rubbish, and I'm rapidly finding out that there is fact a group of people who might be even stupider than Maven developers; Maven users."

    Klaus Wuestefeld:

    "BB: Who are you, Klaus?
    KW: I am a noncomformist. I like to walk around naked and scare little girls, to encourage them to think out of the box. Many people will no longer employ me or have anything to do with me, but I have recently conned those poor db4o bastards into handing me some of their money."

    Rick Hightower:

    "I only hope Rick Hightower doesn't make it or there'll be a serious risk of a number of people chewing off their own genitalia out of sheer boredom."

    Howard Lewis Ship:

    "will no doubt give us talks showing how clever he is and how successful tapestry projects will be if he were hired to implement them (just ask TSS, who wasted a lot of time and effort with absolutely no business justifiable end result beyond more sex appeal)."

    Andy Oliver:

    "Gosh, I actually feel bad for making fun of poor Andy, it's just too much like taunting a retarded kid. Fun for everyone, but deep down inside you know it's wrong. Oh well, thank **** it's online so I can pretend he isn't a real person and keep on pointing and laughing."


    "Prevayler is like having sex with thoughtworks developers. At first, you are unclear on who is sticking it to who, and the exact number of orifices involved."

    Aslak Hellesoy:

    "Poor Aslak's only legitimate claim to fame is STILL only xdoclet. After stalling horribly on xdoclet 2, he went on to join ThoughtWorks and underachieve in a surprising number of projects. First we had picocontainer (remember THAT?!), then DamageControl, and finally a series of hilarious TDD tools in a sad and desperate last bid attempt for some kind of recognition."

    James Strachan:

    "for example. A jolly chap by any measure, yet amazingly incapable of writing coherent documentation (see activesoap). To his credit, he does seem to have mastered the mindboggling ability of writing strongly coupled documentation/implementation. The end result of course being that you can't figure out what the docs mean unless you already understand the product, but can't understand the product without the docs."

    Russell Beattie:

    "I'm told that Russell Beattie managed to get fired YET AGAIN. What's truly astounding is that anyone would actually hire that fat oaf. Here's a hint to any prospective employers: Taking on nazi ashcroftesque democrats who change jobs more often than they change underwear is about as wise as jousting with a lump of turd."

    Gavin Fleury: (I alsways thought that one was funny.)

    "Spend more time with Gavin Fleury and convince him that religion and the tech world do not mix, especially when the prophet of said religion is a garlicy allcaps obsessed junkie."

    Just to name a few...
  7. Uhmmm...[ Go to top ]

    Hani has made fun of TSS almost since day one. I wonder what would happen if TSS instead took The Bileblog seriously. Maybe the universe would collapse and then everything remaining would be silence and void...
  8. that's too funny![ Go to top ]

    I can't remeber when I post my last reply in TSS...maybe in 2001? But I have to speak this time...I'm laughing so loud that all my workmates stare at me...But I'm a serious man in real life
  9. Very funny...reminded me of the 'Knights of the J2EE Roundtable' serverside cartoon from awhile back. Hani definitely knows the keys to creating great satire by 'cutting it close'....