J2ME the Emerging Technology in wireless..


TSS feedback: J2ME the Emerging Technology in wireless..

  1. Hello, Is there any IDE yet to support J2ME Environment with debugging facility during emulator execution. Iys very much possible to Debug in JAVA only. But what for J2ME?? Java 2 Micro Edition really contains lot more interesting challenges like low heap size and memory constaints are there as compared to any JAVA framework applications. The powerfull Java base allows the J2ME to Emerge as world leader technolgy in Wireless Domain. Even J2EE integration with J2ME is a great combination for backend applications in wireless. In hope of getting my query answered. Regards, Makarand V
  2. You can use NetBeans IDE 4.0 or 4.1 beta with Mobility pack (downloadable from the same page as netbeans).

    I found NetBeans the most stable debugger for J2ME applications. Works with most of the emulators available. But not only this, if you have a Sony Ericsson device, you can debug the application directly in the device (really cool feature).

    Version 4.1 then adds a visual support for application development as well as some tools for connecting J2ME applications to J2EE web servers.
  3. You can use any IDE that supports remote debugging to debug your code. You just have to run the emulator in debug mode (check the emulator command line properties) and set the proper port in your IDE.

    Some IDEs can do the work for you though. In addition to NetBeans, JBuilder has had J2ME support for a while and the upcoming release of IntelliJ should support it as well.

    Hope that helps,