JDesktop Network Components (JDNC) 0.7 Released


News: JDesktop Network Components (JDNC) 0.7 Released

  1. JDesktop Network Components (JDNC) project is intended to simplify the development of rich, data-centric, Java desktop clients for J2EE-based network services. Version 0.7 adds DataSet api which simplifies the task of connecting and binding to tabular data stores, and an Login & Authentication API which can authenticate a rich client against any kind of authentication mechanism supported by JAAS.

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    What's new in JDNC 0.7 and also the roadmap.
  2. talking to myself[ Go to top ]

    Compare JDNC Adventreu Builder to Flex:

    Longhorn XAML:

    or Eclipse VM:

    vs current (mostly PHP) DHTML limits.
    In RiA you can control the HTML content fully.

    ps OT: US Edu
  3. I'm checking out the JDNC 0.7 DataSet API and samples and it smells awfully similar to the ADO.Net DataSet in terminology, architecture, and basic features.

    The "dataset.xsd" file on which the Adventure sample's DataSet is based, still contains -- commented out -- some references to ADO .Net dataset namespaces prefix references for the ADO.Net DataSet's XSD extensions for constraints using XSD <xs:unique> and <xs:keyref>. Perhaps features coming in JDNC dataset in a future milestone?

    Does anyone know if it's a design goal of JDNC DataSet to be functionality compatibile, or even interoperable perhaps, with the ADO.Net DataSet ?
  4. Another thing about DataSet API, it seems to be a competing API to the RowSet API (which was sun's answer to ADO.NET). what is the relationship between the two as JDNC sees it?
  5. I'm speaking as someone who has been using JDNC in and enterprise app and someone who (mostly) lurks in the forums there...

    As I understand it, the DataSet API was (somewhat) inspired by the .NET DataSet. The JDNC DataSet is sort of a natural evolution of the inital JDNC DataModel API. It is not quite the same as .NET. I would encourage you to take a closer look at some of the discussion on the forums if you are intereted.

    Of couse, the main thrust of the DataSet/DataModel API is to abstract a client-side domain model. JDNC DataSets are intended to encapsulate various types of data sources - WebRowSets, JDBC Results Sets, Web Services, Remote service calls, etc.

  6. I will also be following this project very closely. It looks very promising.
  7. Client Cache?[ Go to top ]

    do you think the tabular form is a way to go for enterprise applications....? i do not. What i miss for java rich clients is a framework for objects(nearly read only) cache (with query on the cache, persisted cache etc functionality). Communication and security parts is not bad to have either.