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    Can anyone recommend could basic Java web hosting company. Tomcat and MySQL is fine, but DB must be reliably backed up daily at least, and server have good failover and reliability and no bandwidth limitations. I'd prefer UK or European based firms but others with 24/7 support OK.
  2. We offer J2EE hosting. feel free to visit our site to find out details: 4Java.ca
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    Hi Fred Bloggs,

    Could you please share the details about which J2EE hosting company have you chosen and the hosted website URL.

    My requirement is Tomcat/MySQL OR JBoss/MySQL with no bandwidth limitations having a 24x7 support. And my J2EE app's dynamic part will have online shopping facility.

    Currently my website is on hostmonster.com which is really providing a good performance, but has no Java support.

    So your feedback would be more appreciated. Thanks!