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  1. We are a team of programmers that have to make a application, with both web and GUI interfaces.
    Then we have made a J2EE backend, containing some session- and entitybeans.
    Now we need a web-frontend for it. And we are all really bad at html and designing webpage. But another guy in ower company is really good at it. But he has no java experience, only PHP a HTML.
    We have tryed struts, but to must jsp for he's liking. Is there a framework where we can code the backend of it and he only have to make the html temples?
    We also what to use JAAS, so the framework also have to be able use that.

    Is this to must to ask or I'm I lucky?

    Thank you, and you all have a nice weekend :-)

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  2. Why not just use JSP? In terms of how it works its very similar to PHP really, and if you do a classic MVC model for it the web developer only really needs to knock out well structured HTML.
  3. Tapesty or Cocoon?[ Go to top ]

    Now I have been looking around apache.com and jakarta. And found Tapestry and Cocoon. Can anyone tell my the diffence. And which one that could best fit my needs?
  4. Why not try CORBA[ Go to top ]

    In order to access your EJBs you from PHP could try the PEAR Satellite CORBA client extension. It has its own ORB which enables you to communicate with the EJBs via IIOP.
    But i am not shure if its really production ready.
  5. Zend Platform & Mojavi[ Go to top ]

    Maybe you should take a look at the currently released Zend Platform which offers an improved PHP-Java Bridge.

    As a PHP MVC Framework I would recommend Mojavi (mojavi.org).
  6. Tapestry is the nice[ Go to top ]

    If you are just wanting your php guy to design the html then tapestry is an excellent choice. He won't need to do any scripting at all. However, I don't know if it is a very good stand-alone templating system. If you have already done the backend then it may not be a good choice. However, I would consider it for future projects. It is the most "designer friendly" framework out there that I have seen.