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    can anyone make what is the diff between

    During a http post request for some web pages(not all)devloped using MVC2
    architecture the uri is completly replaced by (form.acion value) and not
    (context path+form.action value)
    context path=/contextpath

    for post method the URL goes like this
    invalid- http://localhost:8084/myservlet/HelloServlet
    and not

    when form.action="HelloServlet"
    everything is working properly

    Note :-
    The web.xml is configured properly

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  2. Missing information[ Go to top ]

    I think I need a bit more information so I can help you.

    First of all NetBeans is an IDE. The problem you are having is with a web server (probably embedded in NB, but still a web server issue).
    What server and version of that server are you using?

    Second, you need to describe your problem more clearly. I cannot tell what you are trying to do, so I cant help you figure out what is wrong.
  3. clarification given[ Go to top ]

    server version jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28
    diff between
    while i use 1 from ide and outside ide
    url pattern is http://localhost:8084:/contextpath/mydir/servletname
    but using 2 ->this works fine outside ide
    but when executed form ide
    url pattern is http://localhost:8084:/mydir/servletname
    in web.xml
    <servlet>and <servlet-mapping>are done correctly