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    Hi All,

    I have written a MDB which listens to an Oracle AQ queue. If any messages are enqueued after the MDB starts listening to the Queue, then MDB is able to process these. But if the Queue contains some messages before the MDB is started, then those messages are not processed.

    Does anyone have any idea, of how do I make MDB always point to the FIRST MESSAGE in the queue.

    Aniket L B

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    i guess you have to configure it as "durable", so the bean recieves all enqueued messages, not only during its lifetime.
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    Hi Tony,

    Thanx for the reply... Making the MDB 'Durable' worked.

    Aniket Bharambe
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    I would like to use oracle aq too, could you tell me what appserver you use and how you did it ?