Google adds open-source search engine


News: Google adds open-source search engine

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    Google has announced a new site for external developers interested in Google-related development. It's meant to be where they publish free source code and lists of their API services.

    Considering how much Google does and in how many ways it does it, this could be an invaluable resource, serving as a central repository and project highlight for Google APIs and their users.

    See Google Code.

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  2. this smells like those BEA guys hired by google had something to do with this...

  3. Is epesh working for TSS now or just drinking koolaid these days?
  4. Epesh working for TSS now?[ Go to top ]

    As a matter of fact:
  5. Epesh working for TSS now?[ Go to top ]

    in which case congrats! plenty to read already this week ;)
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    in which case congrats! plenty to read already this week ;)

    Thank you. But it's still a growing process - I'm having to get used to a certain methodology that I used to avoid. I'm taking too long to get some things out.

    No worries, though - I'm a learnin' machine, and I'll get to where I want to be. Please feel free to email me any suggestions. Post news to the site that you think might be interesting. I grok patterns very quickly, so if there's a trend to be seen, seeing it ahead of time allows me to prep for it - and that has benefits for everyone, I think.
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    I was wondering. I knew they were looking ( :) ) and I noticed your name was showing up alot. Congrats.
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    just remember, in times of information drought there are two topics that will *always* bring in 50+ comments. The first is MVC (usually best to include a jibe at struts) and the second is persistence. You'll get bonus <span style="text-decoration:line-through">points</span> comments for starting an arguement between gavin and robin in your thread (like playing quake, try and get the monsters to shoot at each other by running between them).

    on a serious note, it would be great to have more articles about architectures, like the article on TSS using JDO and tapestry, rather than just product annoucements. i think most of the readers would like to see *how* people are solving problems rather than just reading about the products available.
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    Let's see ... "coredumper: Gives you the ability to dump cores from programs when it was previously not possible."
    Is this a search tool or an hacker tool? <g>
  10. Hmm, I'm sure the threading and memory and hash things are search-related.
  11. Hi,
    Opening Google Web APIs for developers is not a new thing. I remebmber doing this google web search using custom code almost a year back. There is no "open source" type of development as well. At least, I haven't seen any.
  12. An open-source search engine?[ Go to top ]

    Google is providing API to access their search engine... with some restrictions like 1000 queries/day and a max resultSet of 10, etc.

    Where is the open-source search engine here? Please provide the URL other than