I'm new to these forums so hopefully posting in the right place...

I'm trying to integrate Jasper Reports into our product and currently trying to use iReports as the document designer. btw our product has both a standalone and web application (Java)

I cant get anywhere with the JavaBean datasource, it's not really documented and they have no forum. Any1 tried doing this b4? any info would be greatly appreciated.

Things i'd like to know are:

-What are the requirements for the JavaBeans?
-Do methods have to have specific return types?
-It talks about using a factory, do i need to implement one or can i use theirs?
- How does it work compared to just using the jdbc source? As in does iReports make available all your methods as field sources and then just pass parameters to them for the actual field value?
-Where do I put the Java class(es) that i'll be making?

Any alternatives to using this datasource, is it possible to build up a repository of fields (driven by sql) automatically using an api?