Interview with Michael Giroux, on JCA, Howl, and Open Source


News: Interview with Michael Giroux, on JCA, Howl, and Open Source

  1. Michael Giroux discusses writing an open-source high performance journaling logger used in Geronimo and ObjectWeb JOTM, as well as some of the technology, challenges, history, and lessons learned along the way. He discusses the future of JCA somewhat, and he also offers a rosy opinion about the resources the open-source community offers, and some of the differences between mainframe development and Java development.

    Watch Michael Giroux on JCA, Howl, and Java.
    At the risk of sounding cliched, get involved. My experience in the last year has been extremely wonderful. Howl is the first open source project that I have been involved in. … The J2EE environment is extremely complex … you tend to focus on a very limited subset of problems and when … you open yourself to input from other developers you start to learn that there are other approaches to doing things that you hadn't thought about. So it has been a wonderful experience for me and I think that if anybody wants to truly expand their skills in the environment, getting involved in some open source project some place and trying to participate, trying to respond to questions on the various different mailing lists or forums, all of these approaches will definitely expand your skills and it causes people to actually respond to you even though you've never met face to face.

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  2. My favorite quote:
    Occasionally when you're having a problem you'd like to be able to look at the journal with something other than a hex dump and figure out what's there

    It's refreshing to see an interview from one of the guys who was in the thick of things at what amounts to the the beginning of the "data processing" revolution. Back in the day before you had log4j and you actually had to read hex to debug your code. I can only imagine what projects and technologies I will be working on 20 years from now. Great interview. It really puts myopic marketectures (SOAP, IoC, AJAX, et al) in a whole new perspective, doesn't it?

  3. Great interview[ Go to top ]

    Thanks guys, a very interesting interview!