Apache Cocoon 2.1.7 Released

  The Apache Cocoon Community is proud to announce the new release of Apache Cocoon. This release is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, and builds/run under JDK 5.0.

  Apache Cocoon is a web development framework built around the concept of separation of concerns (that is: allowing people to do their job without having to step on each other toes) and component-oriented web RAD.

  Cocoon implements these concepts around the notion of 'component pipelines' modelled after the 'process chain' concept where each worker specializes on a particular operation. This makes it possible to use a Lego(tm)-like approach in building web solutions where these components can be hooked together into pipelines without requiring further programming.

  We like to think at Cocoon as "web glue" for your web application development needs. But most important, a glue that can keep concerns separate and allow parallel evolution of the two sides, improving development pace and reducing the chance of conflicts.

  The latest version is downloadable from


  (Please use the mirrors to download the release - it might take a little bit more time until the latest release is available on all mirrors, so give the mirrors some time - approx. 24h to update.)

  For more information about Apache Cocoon 2.1.7, please go to

The Apache Cocoon Project