Persistence engine LiDO XD 3.1 released


News: Persistence engine LiDO XD 3.1 released

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    Xcalia has released LiDO XD 3.1, a transparent object persistence engine that can map objects to RBMS', XML files, the filesystem and several mainframes. LiDO XD 3.1 includes performance and scalability improvements, full JMX admin, and many new JDO 2.0 preview features. XD will eventually support EJB 3 POJO's as well as SDO.

    JDO 2.0 preview features:

    • Detachment/attachment,
    • FetchPlan and named fetch groups,
    • JDOQL 2.0 projections and aggregates,
    • JDOQL 2.0 String.matches(String) support
    • PersistenceManager's flush() and checkConsistency() APIs,
    • DataStoreCache interface,
    • JDOConnection interface,
    • User-defined persistence interfaces,
    • Deletion by query,

    Additionally, there are many noteworthy LiDO-specific features:

    • Transparent logical deletion, whereby deleted objects are only marked as deleted in the database, are not actually deleted, and do not appear in subsequent queries or object references,
    • Symbolic collections, where only those elements in a collection that must be loaded actually are,
    • Performance profiles, where a user can easily specify a profile name, causing appropriate changes to made to relevant performance settings,
    • User-defined field filtering,
    • Synthetic fields, where data can be tracked with an object without that object having to maintain a field for it,
    • Improved JCA integration,
    • Second-level caching policy improvements, including timeout-based and scheduled,
    • Configurable number of retries upon certain exceptions during commit,
    • Reverse foreign-key unary relationships,
    • Several documentation improvements, including a new object-relational mapping quick reference guide,
    and many others.

    Lido 3.1 also comes with a new free license that allows developers to use the product 30 minutes at a time for as long as they need.

    Check out Lido XD 3.1 announcement and

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  2. looking for LIDO XD[ Go to top ]

    hi sorry to disturb, but i'am looking forward to download LIDO xd but I could'nt find it on .
    As I am new to JDO and all the tools available for persistence, I need help please
  3. Big deception[ Go to top ]

    Hi, We've been using XCalia Lido (aka XIC) in our organisation since 2005. Finally, we are very deceived about this product from both technical and commercial point of view. Lots of bugs, obfuscated code, performance problems, doubtful commercial practice. Just think well before choosing them. Cheers