Microsoft's influence on the desktop is undeniable. It's an unlikely scenario for a computer user, at any level to be completely ignorant about Microsoft UI. Maybe Microsoft did not invent from day one, but they certainly has innovated one thing or two on the desktop UI.

However, as Java developers, we embrace our technology. Despite of what the .NET guys claim, we know Java is superior and shines, especially on the server side. But the end users are less likely to care what's happening behind the scenes. They want a system that works and a "pretty UI" to look at. We at pragmaticObjects recognize this requirement, and we want to power Java developers with libraries to incorporate that result in "pretty UI". This is the motivation for us to build Pragmatic WebControls.

As of this latest version 0.55, Pragmatic WebControls has components that allows Java developers to easily incorporate an XP-style Control Panel menu bar, an Outlook-style menu bar and a tree with support for context menu. Some of the features are:

1. Fully supports Intenationalization (I18n).
2. Supports both frame-based and frameless JSPs.
3. Supports IE and all Mozilla-based browsers (90+% coverage).
4. Extremely easy to use.

We invite fellow Java developers to check out the demos, join our forum or simply stop by our home page by visiting the following URLs, respectively: