Arjuna Transaction Service (ArjunaTS) is a Java middleware product offering distributed transaction support across CORBA, J2EE and Web services. Version 4 adds native support for Web services. Also announced today, WebMethods is OEMing Arjuna TS to provide web services transactions into its integration suites.

The new XML Transaction Service provides programming interfaces based on the Java API for XML Transactioning (JAXTX) and the product supports the WS-AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity specifications.

Arjuna also announed that WebMethods is OEM'ing Arjuna TS. WebMethods will be embedding the Arjuna XML Transaction Service component into future versions of the webMethods Fabric business integration and optimization product suite.

Arjuna is an independent supplier of distributed transaction processing and messaging software. They were acquired by Bluestone in 2000, later became part of HP once HP bought Bluestone, and later spun off once HP dropped their J2EE server in favour of OEM partnerships with Weblogic and others.