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    Hi there,

    Anyone deployed Blackdown 1.4.2 64 on Opteron? Our initial testing shows that it looks really slick but has anyone run into any problems running it? We're running JBoss 3 but any feedback would be helpful.

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  2. EMT or AMD64?[ Go to top ]

    Don't forget Intel EMT and AMD64/opteron are different chips. That said Juergen from blackdown helped with the amd64 port and the Sun release 5.0 from that work beat all previous stability benchmarks. If you could use 5.0 I would recommend it that version instead
  3. AMD64 most certainly[ Go to top ]

    Yeah we're not looking at the Intel lineage at all, although em64t intel chips are now being marked as AMD compatible (cold day in hell anyone?) Itanium and IA64 isn't on our radar at all and generally is being regarded as duckus deadus. I'm still hopeful for a JRockit release on 64bit that isn't Itanium.

    We're ultimatly going to move to Java 5, but we're going to move to 64bit chips while we let 5.0 run in a bit (alot, even perhaps :-)

    Shiny Dual Core Dual CPU opterons look very nifty tho!

    Any more thoughts anyone?
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    Now I see the point of yer post :-) *sigh*