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    We are looking to use some tools for Weblogic monitoring, specifically, the no of active processes, stuck threads, DB connections, memory utilization etc

    The end requirement is to be able to send alerts (emails/pagers) in case of issues (e.g. heap size reaches 80% of allocated size, number of connections reach 75% of the max allowed connections etc...)

    Can any one suggest some tool which wont impact production enviroment if it is used while the system is in used by users. Alerts is very imp for us

    B S Reddy

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    Waiting for the responses??????
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    Take a look at Acsera Manager 5. Acsera's technology automaically set up and maintain a performance monitoring environment for you. It does that by first understanding the structure and configuration of your application and environment. For more information and free trial installation, please visit www.acsera.com.

    Paul Ko
    Acsera Corporation
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    You might want to look at AdventNet ManageEngine Applications Manager. It is quite robust & They give a free edition too..

    Thanks n Regards,
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    You can get most (if not all) information you've listed from Weblogic JMX beans. Either poll for information change or may be it's even possible to define your own listeners. See examples in documentation on dev2dev.bea.com
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       Integral produces a monitoring solution for BEA WebLogic and Tuxedo called Isis v2. Isis can monitor the attributes that you are interested in and also trigger alerts based on unusual WebLogic behaviour.

    There are a series of built in actions (like sending emails etc) that are triggered when an alert is raised and we also support an extendible action framework so you can add your own actions when alerts are triggered.

    You can download an evaluation copy of the product from here

    Cameron Tuesley
    Integral Technology Solutions.
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    If configured correctly, you can use jconsole. See this article on PerformanceEngineer.com http://www.performanceengineer.com/monitoring/monitoring-weblogic-using-jmx-2.html If you need alerts, you can use SiteScope, which is a relatively inexpensive option
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    Please look at the eG Enterprise solution - in particular the WebLogic and Java Monitoring Solutions: