Kinabaloo Software releases The Java IDE 22.0


News: Kinabaloo Software releases The Java IDE 22.0

  1. Kinabaloo Sotware has released The Java IDE (TJI) version 22.0. This version includes major improvements to:

    • Swing GUI Builders
    • Syntax display
    • Real-time Syntax Checker
    • 'Java Guru' API assistant (which displays references to types throughout the API)
    • Auto-Import
    • Code Completion
    • Word Completion

    New features include:
    • Auto project documentation
    • The Java Guide has been extended with four new chapters
    • 'Implement Listener'
    • Bookmarks
    • Some new example projects
    It also includes a UML view of a project, a built-in webserver, a database manager, and more.

    This is a payware editor with a free trial period.
  2. Version Number[ Go to top ]

    I'm not sure... should I wait for version 53? =)
  3. why would i use this IDE?[ Go to top ]

    If it works on my PDA probably?
  4. Now, that's an Eclipse killer!
  5. Do you really think it's a killer?? Man ...
  6. Another fine example of a Java application that gives Java a bad name. If I want to see bad color schemes, I prefer to look at some drawings made by kids, not at my computer screen ;-)
  7. Do you really think I think it's a killer?? Man ...
  8. OH MY GOD!!!![ Go to top ]

    This is not the 1st of April is it??
  9. Tried it on Mac OSx and got this message:

    java.home points to a JRE without an adjacent 'bin' directory containing the javac compiler (/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.4.2/Home).

    The bin directory DOES contain javac. Any set this up on the mac, yet?
  10. Not to send out negative wibes or anything, but, man, that's one ugly IDE!

    After watching the screenshot, I actually decided not to download it. The web page needs some brushing up as well...
  11. Can I sue you for the money I need to get my eyes working again? Blood seems to be seeping out of them.
  12. Not another Java IDE[ Go to top ]

    Why are we advertising college projects on TSS?