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    We are in the process of creating several web applications and want to know if there is any positive and /or negative reason in laying out our pages via Frames, utilising the Struts framework.
    I want to know any positives and negative reasons of using html Frames.

    If the negatives outweight the positives apart from utilising Tiles is there any other layout framework to use?

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    Many times users just do not respond well to the way that frames look and feel. I don't believe that there are any technical downsides to using frames, other than making overall page management more difficult and dealing with multiple request objects. I'd probably just use tiles though. Much easier to scale up and your users are generally more comfortable with the way it "feels".
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    Is it true that you can loose the context with frames?
    or are there problems when trying to update two frames at the same time?
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    We use frames with Struts in an application with complex interface. No problem at all updating two frames or losing the context.
    Tha main problem is the complexity added to the application.

    We suppose the form data is ONLY needed for the action, so the action executes and change the model as needed. The action decides which is the next page, and if it can have frames it sets a variable "next" in session, which indicates what the frames that must be loades in this way:

     Every frame in frameset is redirected to an special action with two parameters: the place where the frame is loaded and the "next" variable.
    For example:

    <frameset ID="vis" cols="261,*" border="0" framespacing="1">
        <frame name="bottomLeft" src="<session:attribute name="next"/>">
        <frame name="bottomRight" src="<session:attribute name="next"/>">
      And we have implemented the action to know which JSP must be loaded, with parameters position and next. In fact, the page that must be loaded is written in struts-config.xml in this way:

       <action path="/frames" type="package.FramesAction" name="framesForm" scope="request">
          <forward name="frameTop-next1" contextRelative="true" path="/WEB-INF/jsp/jsp1.jsp"/>
          <forward name="frameTop-next2" contextRelative="true" path="/WEB-INF/jsp/jsp2.jsp"/>

    So the makes a forward to the String created with "position+next" (the two parameter of and we can establish the JSP in the xml file...

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    would it be possible to share part of your code that can explain the logics in i'm in the urgent need of the solution. my email: everjoyca at hotmail dot com

    thanks a lot!
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    Would it be possible for you to write a tutorial on this subject? It helps many people including myself. I appreciate if you can share the sample code. Thanks much
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    would it be possible to share part of your code that can explain the logics in i'm in the urgent need of the solution. my email: priya dot 2003 at gmail dot com

    thanks a lot!
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    Can you please send the code to use frames with struts. My email id is Shanthi dot Chinta at RegalBeloit dot com Thanks in advance, Shanthi
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    Hi, Can you please mail me any notes, documentation or code samples you may have? Send to garberfc22-theserverside at yahoo dot com Thanks...