Maven Continuum 1.0 Technology Preview Available


News: Maven Continuum 1.0 Technology Preview Available

  1. The Maven team is pleased to announce our Technology Preview for the Continuum 1.0 release. Continuum is the Maven project's Continuous integration tool. This release offers users both an advance look at what's in Continuum 1.0 and a headstart in helping to shape the final Continuum release (currently slated for early August).

    Continuum 1.0 features includes:

    • Tight integration Maven 2.x
    • Support for Maven 1.x
    • Support for Ant
    • Support for shell scripts
    • Easy to use web interface
    • An XML-RPC interface for integration, automation and remoting
    • Easy to use command line shell interface using Python and the XML-RPC interface
    • Pluggable project registrars
    • Pluggable project build triggers
    • Pluggable notification schemes
    Please note, as a Technology Preview, this release is not intended for production use.

    We plan to have 2-3 alphas and 1-2 betas prior to posting the release candidates, which will be followed by the final release. We welcome any and all feedback and look forward to your comments!
  2. 1. NoClassDefFoundError - running under windows
    2. plexus needs plexus.xml (its under conf) so use plexus conf/plexus.xml
    3. cant add ant project. didnt accept any of the CVS strings I tried

    good luck.
  3. I double checked the distros, which are self-contained and they all run correctly. We do have a mailing lists setup for problems or questions you might have and you can find them here:

    You also have to provide a Maven SCM URL which was not clear in the doco so I've improved that and the site will be republished. People who don't use Maven probably aren't familiar with the SCM URL convention. We already have an issue in JIRA about not forcing people to know this convention and this will be fixed in the alpha-2.
  4. Thx, I will try again on the next release.

    For the issue 1, probably, if you unzip it to your desktop, it will not work C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop. this is not a normal place to install, but I as just taking a quick look at the tool...
  5. What was the motivation for building another CI tool? Sounds like Cruise Control already does everything that Continuum will do.
  6. The two key factors for us were tight integration with Maven 2.x, which we know intimately, and the use of the same tools that we used for Maven 2.x itself. Maven 2.x and Continuum share an identical stack tools namely Plexus. Our first versions of our repository management tool, which peforms conversions and validation of maven repositories, is also using the same stack of tools.

    We are also planning on integrating the new reporting API that coming out of m2 and we will have tight integration with our repository management tools. So we can essentially build anything with Continuum but we are keenly focused on the Maven user community and that, too, is something we know well.

    For Maven users Continuum is essentially a zero configuration tool as far as adding projects go because you simply need to give Continuum a valid POM and you're done.

    So, to reiterate we want to use the same tool stack because we know it well and we have three apps built with it already (and there are more coming) and we plan to exploit the functionality in Maven 2.x. Building other projects is simply a matter of running a shell command, collecting the output, storing some historical data and maybe pointing to the test results. Continuum will do that for Maven 1.x, Ant, and shell builds but we really think we're going to have some pretty cool features in tightly integrating with Maven 2.x.
  7. Congrats to Mavenides(pun intended :))

    I have a question about how Maven is marketed. Shouldn't it be marketed as a full project management tool?personally,i dont feel the need of any other features apart from what Maven provides, at least in development lifecycle.
    Many people still think Maven to be just an extension of Ant.
    But any open source enthusiste knows that even the Maven UI layout is the de-fact standard for preject management reporting, apart from its other excellent features.

    Shouldnt Maven be the ONLY tool for teams following Agile programming?