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News: launches JDK Community

  1. launches JDK Community (3 messages) has launched a JDK community site dedicated to collaboration on projects related to the java developer kit, including Mustang (J2SE6).

    This community is aimed primarily at Sun's reference implementation of the JVM, from all appearances, but as a "JDK community" might also extend to projects such as Apache's Harmony project.

    What do you think? Are you using the Mustang snapshots? Would you participate in core J2SE development? Should the "JDK community" be open to all java developer kits, regardless of origin?
  2. Should the "JDK community" be open to all java developer kits, regardless of origin?

    By this are you refering to all JDK versions, or to all compatible implementations, like Blackdown or IBM's? I think Harmony would fit in nicely here, and it would help development as it could become a single source for all jdk-related stuff.

    With this community, I think Sun is doing everything it can to be as close as possible to an Open Source community, without losing control of Java. In my opinion, this is great for the community.
  3. Improving the JDK[ Go to top ]

    The JDK community is another step in making it easier for individuals to contribute to improving the JDK.

    I'm going to hazard a guess that "Harmony" is going to be "Moot". With Open Source Solaris, can OS Java truly be far behind? I think Sun's just seeking the right balance, and it looks like they're getting close.

    The biggest impact of the JDK community will probably be in the area of developing bug fixes in a more timely manner... this is of concern to all Java developers/users.

    Delays in porting the JDK to various platforms (noteably the Mac) seems to be the other most often cited concern. Hopefully the JDK community will expand to address those concerns too.
  4. Based on my own experiences, I would wager that the java community at large would benefit from having a portal (aka JDK Community) for researching information specific to JVMs (tuning, garbage collection, etc, etc). I had a difficult time finding definitive information / case studies on jvm tuning specifics other than sun's list of jvm switches (with lack of in-depth explanations). Just my 2 cents ...