Sorry: Is JSF + Spring + Hibernate a "good" combination?


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Sorry: Is JSF + Spring + Hibernate a "good" combination?

  1. Hello,

    We'll start a new project which is relatively big. We plan to use JSF + Spring + Hibernate. Would you say something about advantages/disadvantages or would you offer any other alternatives?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Spring + Hibernate = OK, JSF = ???[ Go to top ]

    You can't go far wrong with Spring & Hibernate if you stick to best practices, but as for JSF, the question is whether it's there yet or not. It still has along way to go to shed its teething problems.

    For instance, to make it really good, the Struts community has spun off Shale, which will bring JSF a whole heap of functionality based on components / ideas from Struts that it currently lacks.

    Also the widgets / GUI components are not exactly hot stuff plus the IDE you need to benefit from the WYSIWYG features is not something that you'll find in Eclipse. You have to pay for it.
  3. Tapestry vs. JSF[ Go to top ]

    What about Tapestry instead of JSF? Tapestry seems to be more productive and stable.
  4. JSF Spring-integration[ Go to top ]


    the combination of spring and hibernate is well implemented by spring itself and does not realy has to be discussed. It is simply a very good solution and offers a wide range of advantages.

    Concerning JSF I recommend to have a look at a which offers an integration of the jsf framework into spring.

    Have fun.
  5. JSF -> Tapestry[ Go to top ]

    What about Tapestry?
  6. I've been looking at that combination over the weekend, and I'm not impressed with JSF. I've been using Spring MVC with Hibernate, but I think I'm going to try a Spring/Hibernate/Tapestry combination.
  7. What about Spring MVC vs JSF?[ Go to top ]

    It's fair to say that the integration Spring-JSF is now OK. However, I'd like to get an idea of how widely JSF is being used at the moment.

    Right now we want to understand how to position JSF vs Struts vs Spring MVC.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

  8. I have a nice story about JSF. Our team consist of several programmers. One day we met to set the technologies used to build application. Me and some friends with Struts background insisted to use Struts because of its feature and maturity. One of my colleagues insisted JSF. We fought that time. Actually, because I am not a good fighter, we lost. :) We decide to go with JSF. Our team started to use JSF since Feb 2005 while JSF RI 1.0 still has some bug. You know ? We start to code with JSF RI with a hope that after the development is going to the end, MyFaces(JSF implementation by apache) will be released. The dream was not happen :))) So our application struggled for life for about 2 month. Sometimes application server is down without any clue of the root cause. Then, MyFaces came. We are saved by MyFaces. Since then, our application is quite stabil. Sometimes it went down. Lately we locate the problem and solve it. Application goes fine until today..... Now I found that JSF is spreading his way... JSF is totally better than Struts.