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General J2EE: Port Multithreading application to J2EE

  1. I am planning to port one standalone multithreading application to J2EE. The application is typical manager worker application. Manager spawns multiple worker threads. Worker threads work in parallel and once done reports back to the Manager. The processing takes about 5 hrs to complete using all these threads, so each time manager work with these threads for 5 hours.
    Can someone guide me what will be the best way to get this functionality out of the J2EE. what are the components I should use to get this Manager worker functionality. As J2EE does not directly recommend to use threads in the container environment. As threads are managed by the containers.
  2. Please check out the following white paper, that may help http://java.sys-con.com/read/83057.htm -- Deha Peker
  3. Also check out the Work Manager implementation in WebLogic and/or WebSphere. There might be some thing similar for JBoss as well. http://www.devx.com/Java/Article/28815/0/page/1 -- Deha Peker