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Its two days which im in fight with a severe problem in XML/JAVA/JDBC arena
I have an XML file its a glossary which has some thousands of difinition.
each difinition is a word with two parts , one of this parts is hebrew and the other is english . (hebrew is explanation of english term).

The XML file is unicode , i tried to read it with XMLdocument and store it into database , but a big problem araise here

All hebrew character replaced with ? in database ? does any one know why ?
I tried almost all OS database like Mysql (i used useunicode parameter for it) postgreSQL , Firebird and cloudscape
But still what i get is not more that ????? .
Shoud i do some convertion before inserting them into database ?

In brief :
My problem is reading an XML file with multilanguage content and inserting its data into database , in a manner that my hebrew does not convert to ???????

pleas help