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    We are planning about a web based application on websphere. The clients were posing a question on autologin to the application. They dont want to type user id and password everyday. Rather they want to click on something which will automatically bring up the application with the list of items that they should do ?

    Is this possible with websphere ?
    How do we implement this ?


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    This is not entirely a WebSphere application. It sounds more like a application design question.

    But anyway, yes its possible to do let users have access to your site without having to login everytime.

    You can use cookies to write to the client (provided, writing cookies is enabled on the client browser). The cookies will be written back once user logs in for the first time. On subsequent visits to your site, the browser will send the cookies to your app and the your app can introspect the cookies and validate the user.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for your comment. Do you have a sample of how will it be implemented ?

    But, let me be more specific, In our app, the clients dont want to SIGN in to the application at all. They want to log into windows machine and then automatically use the app.

    Can this be achived with a web app ?

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    In that case, you would need some kinda login token sitting on the client machine, for example, something like a certificate.

    If you have a certificate sitting on the client machine, that will sent by the browser to the server. You can then, introspect that certificate and authenticate the user.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for ur input..
    Can u be a bit more specific please ?
    do u have any sample implementations of stuff like this ?
    How will i implement the certificate ?

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    I am not sure about websphere... but weblogic security providers use a SPNEGO authentication provider that can log you on based on the windows credentials. See whether that is supported in websphere