WebGalileo Faces 2.0 - JSF components released


News: WebGalileo Faces 2.0 - JSF components released

  1. WebGalileo Faces 2.0 has been released. Recent new features include added container and layout components as well as drag and drop IDE integration with Sun Studio Creator.

    WebGalileo Faces is a set of reusable user interface components that simplify the development of Java based web applications. With full support for the Sun Java Server Faces specification WebGalileo Faces provides developers with the tools needed to capture and respond to UI events in the browser.

    Using the components in WebGalileo faces developers can concentrate their efforts on the business logic of an application and not the details of client side user interface elements.

    A time-limited trial version is available for download; pricing is listed on the website. Also available is an implementation of the Petstore, which has also been put online.

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  2. Hi,
    when I try to add something to my cart through this way:
    "Add to Cart"
    I get an:

    Better to fix that in a demo.

    Regards Johannes
  3. Hi ,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. This is only reproduced under Netscape,FireFox,Mozilla browsers(not IE).We're working with it and shall resolve it very soon.

  4. The issue with PetStore under Netscape,FireFox,Mozilla resolved.See online version for detail.The downloadable version will be updated today later.

  5. First of all, congratulations to WebGalileo team with new key release. Are you going to add AJAX capability in your components in the future? This theme becomes hot now.

    Also, I am agreed with Johannes. On-line demo have to be polished. It is too easy to make it unstable. As soon as you provides the commercial components, the quality and look-n-feel matter.

    Sergey : jsfTutorials.net
  6. We plan to release AJAX capability support in 2.2 release scheduled for July,2005.

    Michael ,
  7. We plan to release AJAX capability support in 2.2 release scheduled for July,2005.Thanks.Michael ,JSCAPE.
    But please do not forget to release a Javascript-FREE version as well. There are enterprises where security is on the mind of the developers (or controllers) and which therefor need JS-FREE JSF-components.
  8. What about Eclipse Integration?[ Go to top ]

    Is WegbGalileo going to be integrated in Eclipse?
    How can we use it in eclipse runtime/designtime?
  9. How integrated are the JSF components with Javascript?

    Its going to be hard to sell web-apps where every click results in a page refresh especially when there is so much going on in the ajax, lazlo, dhtml arena to avoid just that nasty page refresh.
  10. How integrated are the JSF components with Javascript?Its going to be hard to sell web-apps where every click results in a page refresh especially when there is so much going on in the ajax, lazlo, dhtml arena to avoid just that nasty page refresh.

    The EG is still working on the best way to standardize JavaScript use within UIComponents. Ed Burns, the JSF Spec co-lead, recently blogged about a new AJAX component. How easy is it to simply drop in a JSP tag (JSF Component) in the page and get functionality like that?!
  11. The components has "serverSideAction=true/false" property allowing to define whether the supported components events will be submitted to the server-side or handled locally with the help of javascript callback functions.This allows to optimize ping traffic if necessary.

  12. Nice to see more JSF components. Esp. with IDE integration.
  13. We're in process of transforming PetStore application(already available with the sources on our site) into ready-to-use Sun Java Studio Creator project. All Creator's users will be able to load PetStore into Creator and play with it in drag-n-drop manner. Stay tuned...

  14. Refresh for every action....[ Go to top ]

    Refresh all the page for every action?....RUBBISH
  15. I know WGPetStore wasn't a persistence demonstration, but I wonder why you didn't use the standard PetStore database schema?

    Perhaps a hibernate generated database is easier when no database exists at all, but in this case, there was already DDL and test data created for almost all major databases.

    Why didn't you guys use the standard database?

  16. We think that using Hibernate for the persistence layer instead of ready-to-use DDL for different databases will allow to make the solution more flexible. Because this is Hibernate responsibility to support different databases(that may be accomplished by couple settings in config files).

  17. Any performance comparision?[ Go to top ]

    Do we have any performance comparision with other technologies ?
  18. In our WGF PetStore version we tried to show-case how JSF technology with custom components could be used to streamline JSF based projects development. According to our opinion, JSF Presentation Framework(and WGF components strictly following it)doesn't make any difference with other J2EE based Presentation Frameworks(like Struts etc) from the performance point of view related with the Presentation Tier.Other layers like persistence(Hibernate),database back-end(MySql etc) should be further optimized to produce acceptable response time in a particular project depending on business requirements.

  19. Hello,

    I just posted a quick HowTo on how to work with WebGalileo Faces with Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3. Part 1 shows how to create a runnable project from the webgalileofaces.war file.

    I'll post part 2 soon showing how to add the WGF taglib to JDeveloper. (Pretty simple steps).

    Nice Job by the way on the components, they're quite easy to use and pretty powerful..



  20. As promised, I just posted part 2 of my WebGalileo Tutorials with JDeveloper 10.1.3.

    This one shows how to add the Components/taglibs to JDeveloper's Component Palette..

    Have fun..