Best Java IDE for EJB Development (using Sun J2EE RI)


EJB design: Best Java IDE for EJB Development (using Sun J2EE RI)

  1. We are doing our initial J2EE (JSP, Servlet and EJB) development using the Sun Reference Implementation and then porting to the application server of our choice (Bluestone) for Integration and System Testing.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to which Java IDEs work best in that environment? The main "special" features that we are looking for on top of a "standard" Java IDE is assistance with deployment and debugging of JSPs, Servlets and EJBs. Ideally we would like to be able to deploy these objects into the Sun J2EE Reference Implementation at a "press of a button" from within the IDE. We would also like to be able to interactively debug these programs from within the IDE.

    We are currently using an old version of Visual Cafe (Database Edition 3), but are struggling to understand the benefit of moving to and "Enterprise" tool at Enterprise prices.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Many thanks in anticipation.

  2. JBuilder 4 does everything I ever wanted to do.

  3. Visual Cafe 4 supports the deployment and the remote debugging. It creates the interfaces and the deployment descriptor for your bean. It is also having JSP/Servlet support.

  4. Try the free Oracle Jbuilder 3.2. Does XML too.
  5. Please read it as JDeveloper 3.2
  6. I've been using the Forte Internet edition (beta) for the past three or four months and recommend it highly.
  7. Togethersoft is really good for the EJB development.It is completely independent of the application server(u can create deployable jar for almost all application server)
  8. We looked at some of the more expensive offerings on the market including but not only Visual Cafe & Together J.

    However we eventually decided that a better solution was achievable with much cheaper products.

    We eventually settled on

    - Codewright 6.5 (from which is a general program editing tool
    - Bugseeker (from Which alows local and remote debugging.

    We set up a number of dos scripts (which can be called in an integral way from code wright) to do compiles, EJB Builds, EJB Deploys etc (we are using BEA Weblogic & Sun JDK). Its very lightweight, very quick and perhaps most importantly very stable. Our main gripe with many of the more expensive tools, apart from price, was there alarming apparent instability.

    Other advantages we see in our approach are:
    - The live system is much closer to the development system in architecture.

    - Our developers learn more about the fundamentals of EJB instead of just how a particular tool set works.

    - We are less tied in to a specific tool set.

    All in all we are very pleased with the development environment. Set up cost was approx. 500UKP per seat + BEA Weblogic License which we use in Multi Home mode.