use Axis with weblogic to expose EJB methods


XML & Web services: use Axis with weblogic to expose EJB methods

  1. Hi
     I am new to webservices and axis.I am supposed to convert EJB which is packed as jar file to web services.I started off with servicegen and clientgen ant utility of weblogic to convert this but some of the EJB methods return java.util.Map which is not supported by servicegen utility so i planned to switch using AXIS with weblogic...
      I studied some basic tutorial where they considered Axis as one web application.I did some examples using Axis on Weblogic just hello world example...I do not know how and where to keep my EJB jar file to convert it to webservices.Please help me.
  2. WebServices method should not map exactly EJB methods. It's why you have trouble. Ideally you should design your message using XML Schema and generate the statless EJB methods from it. At least you want to create stateless EJB that represent your interface following many constraints which insure that the XML Schema generated from it is WS-I compliant and work with other system.

    If you don't care to be compatible with other system just use RMI...
  3. Use controls...[ Go to top ]

    Create a web service control (with the message designed as per your need) and make that talk to a EJB control that talks to your session bean. That allows you to build document oriented apps rather than XML/RPC type apps.