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    I have been using P6Spy for a few years now and have found it to be a really useful tool. I've noticed though that development seems to have stopped 18 months ago with no new versions in sight. The tools by irongrid (ironeye, irontrack) seem to have suffered a similar fate (does irongrid still exist?).

    What tool(s) do you use for capturing and evaluating JDBC traffic?

    Any idea what happened/is happening with P6Spy and IronGrid?



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  2. Fate of p6spy[ Go to top ]

    I've also used p6spy for some years now and looking at p6spy.sourceforge.net it seems it's no longer maintained. This is a great shame.

    "www.irongrid.com" also seems to be no more, perhaps the company no longer exists?

    I'm trying to do performance testing in JBoss 4.0.2 with an application that uses two Oracle DataSources. p6spy doesn't seem to work with this, does anyone know of any other open source altyernatives?
  3. Found installer[ Go to top ]

    I found the IronEye SQL installers at this site: http://www.cascadetg.com/hibernate/
  4. Try Elvyx ...[ Go to top ]

    We were using p6spy and IronGrid but we could not find the IronGrid code to fix some bugs. Then, we started implementing a client for p6spy and we finished implementing the full solution. This application is Elvyx and can be downloaded from: http://www.elvyx.com I think this tool could be useful to the community. Armando ;-) http://www.elvyx.com
  5. Hi Armando, I didn't find anything in Elvyx site to help me to configure it in Websphere 7, because when a need to create a JDBC Provider when I put the Implementation class name, after that, I created a Datasource that is associated with your selected JDBC provider and there isn't a field to put its URL or real_jdbc_url. I tried to solve this creating a custom properties, but when I test connection failed, Websphere shows this message: You need to specify url with ElvyxDataSource.setRealUrl Could you help me, please?