JOnAS ( is the Open Source implementation by ObjectWeb of the J2EE(TM) specification. JOnAS is a pure Java(TM) implementation of this specification that relies on the JDK. JOnAS is part of the ObjectWeb Open Source initiative, which was launched in collaboration with several partners including Bull, the France Telecom R&D division and INRIA. Today a new version of JOnAS is available ! This new major release provides the following enhancements: - Domain Management o New service: Discovery - Automatic generation of container classes (automatic call to GenIC when loading a module with no or out of date container classes) - Tomcat 5.5 integration - GenIC performance enhancement (Use of fast rmic by default) - New RMI protocol: Classpath RMI/JRMP implementation - Latest Axis CVS snapshot integration (Axis 1.2 +), EWS 1.0 - JacORB CVS snaphot integration - JDBC RA connection monitoring (now same level as for the DBM service) - New JORM/MEDOR/SPEEDO/PERSEUS versions - New JORAM version (with enhanced management features) - New JOTM version (with some performance isssues fixed) - Recovery Support (JOTM) - Web Service Endpoints for MEJB (to be noted that mejb.jar is replaced by mejb.ear) - Integration of ClassPath implementation of JAF (instead of Sun RI) - Firewall support - Clustering o New documents (for using Enhydra Director, mod_jk, C-JDBC, ...) o New version of CMI o New example (sampleCluster2) - LIMIT feature in the EJB-QL query langage (for hsqldb, postgres, mysql, oracle)