The Penrose development team is proud to announce the release of Penrose 0.9.1, an open source pure-Java virtual directory server based on Apache Directory Server. Penrose team is looking forward to any feedback from users. Please check our web site and download Penrose.


* Open Source & 100% Java
* tested inside ApacheDS and OpenLDAP
* Supports resource connectors for JDBC/SQL, JNDI/LDAP, Active Directory.
* Object transformation via BeanShell scripting.
* High performance join and cache engine.
* Remote management via JMX.
* Extensible via plug-ins.

Penrose also provides a powerful GUI-based mapping tool:

* Based on Eclipse 3.0 RCP (Rich Client Platform).
* Manages local or remote Penrose server via JMX.
* Built-in browsers to view Penrose directory information tree.
* Off-line editing to allow editing server configurations off-line, saving all changes until ready to be deployed to the server in one step.
* Direct browsing of LDAP and RDBMS-based information to provide easy-to-use mapping.
* Live preview of your virtual directory.
* Automated validation and error checking.