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    Hermes, a GUI for working with JMS, has a new release. You can browse queues and subscribe to topics, copy messages around between providers, the clipboard and the filesystem. Hermes includes a simple plugin framework so non-JMS functionality can be exposed in the GUI. This lets you monitor queue depths, get statistics from the provider and search for administered queues and topics.

    This release focuses on useability improvements and bug fixes.

    • Four dockable toolbars for most common actions.
    • Auto-browse browses a queue every few seconds, keeping you informed of any changes.
    • Bug fixes in the plugins for WebLogic, JORAM, JBoss and EMS.
    • A new plugin for SonicMQ
    • Message cut/copy/paste interaction with the system clipboard.
    Read more at Please use the forums at for all support related issues.

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    I'm using Hermes 1.9 to monitor the ActiveMQ JMS Queues which feed messages to/from an application deployed in JBoss 4.01. Hermes does a good job, allowing us to view messages on our various ActiveMQ queues, drag-and-drop from a Dead Letter Queue onto a Live queue, etc.

    Hermes itself is Swing-based and I'm looking into a WebStart .JNLP configuration which will enable support staff to access it over an intranet.

    Well done to Colin and the team for delivering this most useful product to the community.

    Kind regards, Robin.
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    Thanks Robin,

    There is a webstart demo of Hermes available now at


  4. I don't seem to find any licensing terms on the web site.
  5. Apache 2.0, the link seems to have disappeared from the site however its in the download.