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    Is it problem with the servlets that it take much time to respond. My client is trying to connect to servlet which is sending continuous stream of images through HTTP connection. Do I have to change my servlet engine (I am using tomacat).

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    I think taking much costly time mayby cause by sorts of reason!can you tell me your servlet do something?
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    I have Doja application,i-appli (similar to Midlet) which is taking continous stream of images from the servlet running on tomcat engine.

    For the servlet sending normal text I got the response in just a 1-2 sec. but for this servlet which is taking the image from Fileinputstream (the real path one)and sending into outputstream, it is taking about 21 sec for HTTP connection OK response

    I think i have to optimize code on the servlet side as my client application only supports HTTP protocol.

    My servlet code looks like

    //sending 5 image files to outputstream

    filename = sc.getRealPath("pic"+i+".jpeg" ;//get path of pic.
    file = new File(filename);
    mimeType = sc.getMimeType(filename);
    resp.set ontentType(mimeType);
    in = new FileInputStream(file);
    count =;
    out.writ (buf,0,count);
    in.close );
    out.clos ();

    Can there be any method of putting the byte chunk of images into outputstream faster than this.

    Any help wiil be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Why dont u zip the contents and dump them into the output stream - and on the client side, unzip them
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    I want to take the raw image data directly from the inputstream on the client side i.e. reading the stream and then displaying it on the handset through Mediamanager.
    I have tried through compression decompression but no such improvement

    I think i need to change my code ?

    Any help in this regard will be implemented

    Kapil Sharma