Pros and cons of using particular Container implementations


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Pros and cons of using particular Container implementations

  1. Hello:

    We are building our first application on Weblogic. We are running version 8.1.

    I would like to get the pros and cons of using Weblogic's implementation of J2EE standards.

    For example, should we derive all my ejb's from weblogic.ejb package that has GenericEnterpriseBean, GenericEntityBean and GenericSessionBean in order to fully avail the capabilities of WebLogic as a Container such as Object Pooling etc?

    I understand that this will make our implementation dependent on WebLogic, at some point, we would like to exploit the features of the platform we paid dearly for.



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    It all depends on who takes decision.
    As per my experience writing a application on Jboss and deployment on others creates a true portable J2EE application. Weblogic is very rich in entity beans local implementation and the quering mechanism. In case there is no plan for you to move out of weblogic in next decade I dont feel anything wrong in using container rich features, after all that is what you are paying for.
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        Yes weblogic is one good App server. It is one of the best in the market. I would advise you to keep your app portable. I am sure that in future you won't need to move to any other app server as the features in weblogic are quite good but still keeping your app portable won't harm.

    I would like to suggest that don't derive your ejb's from GenericEnterpriseBean .If you want you can have your own GenricEJB that can give default implementation of the EJB callback methods and extend your ejb's from GebricEJB(Your own ejb)so that in all your ejb's you don't need to write all the callback methods.

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    Sawan is right, I worked with the container from 4.5 to 7.1 and hardely needed to use container rich features. When it comes to entity beans the difference between Weblogic and other containers is huge both in the scale of performance and convenience