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    TheServerSide.com's coverage of Day One of JavaOne, 2005 gives you perspectives from a number of attendees, who attended the keynote from Sun and a number of other sessions. Some of the highlights of the conference are : Sun's push of open source on a lot of levels in the Java stack, the rebranding of J2SE and J2EE, and the presence of two major technologies: JBI (Java Business Integration) and AJAX, both of whom are represented in lots of ways.

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  2. Renaming J2EE[ Go to top ]

    JEE? The new name for J2EE?

    Agreed, the "2" in J2EE leads nowhere. But all the industry go used to the sound of "J2EE". "J" "E" "E" is unspeakable. Why don't they rename it to "J4EE".

    On one side that would signal progress and on the other side they can rename it to "'Java for Enterprises'-Edition" in the long run keeping the sound and not needing to increment the number anymore since the "4" then stands for a word, not a version.
  3. Java EE[ Go to top ]

    JEE? The new name for J2EE?

    The new name will be Java EE and not JEE. J2EE 5.0 will be Java EE 5. Agreed. Why not call J5EE or Java 5EE?

    - Jay
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  4. Java EE[ Go to top ]

    I wish they would call it Java SSE (Server Side Edition)
  5. Renaming J2EE[ Go to top ]

    J2EE has become a brand name. Renaming like this sun looses the benefit of the brand that has been being for quite some time now.

    Now when one gets to sell the JEE technology to management whos ears are tuned to hearing J2EE, you will have to double sell the same thing.

    Sometimes I feel Sun could be myopic when it comes down to handing names for technology.
  6. Proposed short names[ Go to top ]

    How about "Jesse" (JSE) and "Jee" (JEE)?
  7. RE: Proposed short names[ Go to top ]

    JEE would be great, pronounced as "Gee" of course.
  8. Join The 21st Century Already[ Go to top ]

    Guys (and gals)

    What ya'll need is to bite the bullet and rebrand Java as...


    That way it won't be so much of a pain to jump from .Java to .NET, and it's an easier sell for your marketing team. Join the 21st century already :D

  9. On the other hand...[ Go to top ]

    Too bad they aren't thinking about JEE. Microsoft could counter with a new name for what they build on top of .NET, "Golly" or maybe "Gosh"
  10. Who cares about J2EE or JEE. It was impossible to pronounce, anyway. Still is and nobody should care, at least - not here. Are you, really worried about Sun's branding strategies?

    There were much more important things that happened on the Day 1. TSS covered most of them, but there was one that I would like to emphasize.

    It was during Jonathan Schwartz's keynote. He seemed to be trying to reach-out for the Free Software community and answer their concerns. He began showing a PPT slide with FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). Then he went on and said that for him in FOSS "the main letter is F - free and Java is free, indeed" (the quote is not exact but that was the idea).

    Anybody who understands anything about FOSS should have thought - WHAAAAAAT?

    F in FOSS is from FSF and it stands for Free but FSF always underlines that it is "Free as in freedom, not as in - beer." So, it is not about price = 0 but the freedom of modification etc.

    Jonathan Schwartz completely perverted the meaning of the word he claimed as "the most important" and you can bet that would PISS OFF anybody from the FSF movement.

    Is Jonathan somebody who does not know or understand the difference? Very unprobable.

    So - what the hell was he trying to do?
  11. There were a number of moments like this at JavaOne. I wouldn't personalize it too much on Jonathan. In the monday keynote he might have highjacked FSF's naming for a basterdized version of FOSS but the intention was clear to the attendees. He was describing Sun's new policy to make all of its software available for free. He said "There's no downside to FOSS."

    There were other times in the day that made me squint-and-wonder...

    Like John Loiacono including a bullet point in his EJB roadmap slide saying "we figured out the EJB/JDO conflict." It sounded like they created a bridge to JDO. Instead it was really just dropping the past support and picking up JDO.

    Another instance was when I asked the question "With BEA and Borland joining the Eclipse board and porting their IDE's to Eclipse, how do you justify continued investment in NetBeans?" To which Jonathan and John replied that they thought more developer choice in the market is better.

  12. ¿Don't you must to change it?
    At the left I see an image of javaOne 2004 under "TheServerSide at JavaOne 2005".
  13. Oops![ Go to top ]

    Sorry about that.
  14. JBI[ Go to top ]

    I have to disagree. JBI may be a viable and important standard. The talk however (like most given by SUN employees, I have seen, but for Hans Muller) was a disaster.

    The main questions: What is it really, what is it good for, how will I use, what value will it add...were noit addressed properly.

    As for AJAX: Is that a technology? I would rather call it a product (a nerdy and cool one at that). The technology has been around for at least 8 years or so. In fact a lot of people have built applications the AJAX way for a long time. The promise of AJAX is to stabilize and compatabilize this technology.
  15. Where we go?[ Go to top ]

    best practices for web projects in general:
    > ...
    >Minimize the use of JavaScript.

    Looks like we are pushing Ajax and killing JavaScript in the same time. So, where we go? ;-)

  16. Keynote videos available[ Go to top ]

    FYI: The keynote general sessions from JavaOne are available at:


  17. Flash Rich Clients in Brazil[ Go to top ]


    It was a great coverage about the flash rich client app in Brazil Healthcare, but I woul like to make some notes.

    Brazil has a great (web) Design market and macromedia flash has a spread use, what makes easier to find a good UI designer with some skill in AS 1.0.

    Maybe was the speaker's language that caused some miss-understanding, but I don't think is easier to find a good Flash designer then a good HTML programmer.

    By the way, Brazil is a western country.

  18. Brazil!![ Go to top ]

    Yeah!! absolutly!!! Brazil is a western country so it actually puts the western world ahead of the eastern in that matter. Either the writer don't know where Brazil is or don't know what western means.
    Other than that, a very thorough coverage of the event.