TSS at JavaOne 2005 - Day 2 Coverage


News: TSS at JavaOne 2005 - Day 2 Coverage

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    Day two of Java One contained a lot of focus on getting things done - implementations, networking, with a focus on architecture as well. In many ways, it was very similar to Day One, but moved faster in part because of accumulated momentum. Bookended by keynotes from BEA and Oracle, end-to-end development and deployment cycles were covered - and, of course, after the "formal day" had ended, there were some great parties and other, more formal, get-togethers.

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  2. Java Phones[ Go to top ]

    "78% of all handsets in 2005 ran up to 45,000 Java programs."

    Whose phone ran 45,000 java programs? Mine came with just 2 sluggish java games.
  3. Great Coverage. Thanks.

    Notice serveral sites using Flash to build UI, and have very attractive features. I like to know if there is an Falsh based MVC Framework ? Or Is there any examples on how to build a flash-based Web Application using existing MVC Framework: particularly Wicket, Tapestry, Spring MVC or Struts.


  4. Flash and MVC[ Go to top ]

    The Laszlo framework makes use of Flash for its UI and the developer merely needs to define the UI through XML and event handlers.

    I suppose the other frameworks you mention could be made to play with Flash... but they most likely would have to provide the model via XML, since that's the only format readable by Flash's ActionScript.

    Anybody know of a Spring ModelAndView flash-esque extension?