What is the difference between webservice and soa?


XML & Web services: What is the difference between webservice and soa?

  1. I am a beginning learner in webservice and SOA.
    And I can not tell the difference between them.Please give some
  2. Well,

    WebServices are self describing services that will perform well defined tasks and can be accessed through the web.

    Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is (roughly) an architecture paradigm that focuses on building systems through the use of different WebServices, integrating them together to make up the whole system.
  3. Just to be clear - SOA does not *need* to be based on WebServices. SOA is an architectural concept. Web Services is a realization of SOA, that leverages XML and common Internet protocols (such as HTTP) to deploy (typically) coarse-grained, discoverable services. In theory, you could just as easily build an SOA using something other than Web Services. Though it'd be difficult to get the requisite degree of decoupling without Web Services.

    SOAP, in turn, is an implementation of Web Services. XML-RPC is another.
  4. Thanks very much!

    I am aware the meaning roughly.And I saw an article ,it is a good one,just "http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-06-2005/jw-0613-soa.html".

    It compares the difference between them.
  5. Here is a whitepaper which clearly explains what SOA is and is-not. http://soalib.com/index.jsp?page=whitepaper
  6. SOA vs Web services[ Go to top ]

    SOA is an architectural pattern that involves decomposing applications into managed networks of inter operating services.  Those services could be implemented in a variety of technologies, web services being just one of those, albeit the most popular.  





  7. SOA and Web Service[ Go to top ]

    SOA generally provides web application to the consumers while web service is a communication between two service.



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