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    I need to know how I can have the same session object shared across clusters in websphere

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    Hi Rajiv,

    The Coherence*Web HttpSession management module, built on top of our Coherence clustered caching and data management product. Coherence*Web allows you to share sessions across clusters, across applications and even across heterogeneous application servers.

    Rob Misek
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Bringing data to where you use it
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    GemFire (from GemStone Systems) offers mutliple topologies for session caching. These include pure peer-to-peer model or a cache server model with replication that can be used to cache sessions outside of the appserver JVMS and avoide expensive replication. It also supports disk overflow so that passive sessions can be moved to disk with in-memory indexes for optimized access to sessions overflown to disk.

    Also, GemFire based architectures are characterized by reduced data latency, enhanced scalability, and increased performance for new application server, portal and integration deployments

    More information is accessible at:

    - pc/-