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    I have a requirement where I need to divide the functionality of an application in two groups. I want to host one group on some machines in a cluster and host other in other machines in a cluster and all teh machines should share the session of a user and a user can make calls to both the groups of functionality.

    how to proceed can some one suggest

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    Hi Rajiv,

    Definitely take a look at Coherence, it allows you to share data across any number of JVMs (or clusters) in-memory. Further, our Partitioned Cache implementation allows for unlimited cache capacity in the application tier while providing fault tolerance and high availability of that data.

    Rob Misek
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Unlimited Cache Capacity
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    You can have admin server and managed servers. Admin server will forward the requests to managed servers based on the client request. Apache is a good admin/ proxy server and you can have managed server of your choice...like weblogic, websphere...
    But weblogic's and webserver's session management is a bit heavier operation. Certainly, there are products available to facilitate the data in cache to share across server vms...like Gemstone's GemFire. Moreover, GemFire is characterized by ultra high application performance and high scalability with reduced data latency...

    Fr detailed information:

    Hope this helps you!!

    - pc/-