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    Not sure if this is a right forum to post this. We are using IBM Portal Server 5.1 on AIX with Global Seecurity turned ON. LDAP server is in the same network as Portal Server.

    We are facing very strange problem, while login. Server takes hell lot of time like 5 min to login sometime but not always.

    Anybody has faced similer problem? Any help will be appriciated.

  2. What LDAP server?[ Go to top ]

    Got some suggestions.

    Did you peruse the LDAP logs and double check to make sure *ALL* the fields it requires during login are indexed? (eq, uid, and etc)?

    eq.. Are the uniqueMember, or member attributes in your group containers indexed?

    Do you have nested groups? if so, do you really need them?

    If you don't need nested groups, disable the option - or try to flatten you groups.

    What Directory Server are you using? if you are using IBM Tivoli DS (backed by DB2), is your server trying to authenticate more than 50 users simultaneously?