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    am sure i have theory enough about j2ee ,
    to be disadventage is i no much practice at all,
    which developing environment should i use
    i tend to use j2eesdk1.4
     who can help me

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    Not the most inspiring start.
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    I would suggest that you walk through the J2EE tutorial at http://java.sun.com/j2ee/1.4/docs/tutorial/doc/

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    i ready to use netbeans
    it is popular at present ?
     do you agree on the idea that chose the one that suitable to you although there are many developing tool?
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    I suggest to use eclipse (www.eclipse.org) rather than netbeans. This does not mean that netbeans is a worse development environment (IDE). Far of it! But, netbeans begins to be a niche player while eclipse spreads rapidely.
    Having said that, for start gaining skills in j2ee, it is not much important which IDE to be used, but to understand the concepts of j2ee. You have a lot to read and to practise it. Most things you can do within a simple command processor (aka shell) using a normal editor (e.g notepad) and Tomcat as your Web/Application server. It is important that you have a solid and deep understanding about things like Servlet-Container, Web-Container, HTTP-Requests and HTTP-Repsonses and so on (short: about the 'mechanics'). Start playing with a simple sample program and Tomcat. You will find a lot of literature and samples on the net. If you are familiar with Tomcat and the concepts of it, you are ready to move towards a more sophisticated server like JBoss. There you'll have to learn about the EJB-container etc. Hint: To become familiar with the 'mechanics', have a look to this book: www.hethmon.com/books/content/contents.htm

    Good luck!
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    Hi, I just read through the other postings. I think, that
    Brian Kwan and Chuck Lan both gave good advise.
    Tell us a little bit more about your knowledge on java and j2ee and about your experience with them, so we can give you more precise tips and hints.

    - Markus
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    to be worse i not own computer so that i have to go to netbar in which the computers not suitable programming environment。
     the computers limited more in netbar